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After processing their applications, students go through a training session after which it is determined whether or not to accept them into the Peer Tutor Program.

I look forward to another year of watching peer tutors interacting, helping and learning from others. It is a learning experience for all involved in the program.

What is the Writing Center?

It is a space in the E-block where secondary students go to work on their writing. Students are welcome to use the Writing Center during recess, lunch and after school as a place to study and work quietly, collaborate with other students in small study groups or be tutored by a peer. The Peer Tutor Program is managed by the Director of the Writing Center.

What is the Peer Tutor Program?

The Peer Tutor Program has started. Peer tutors are available to tutor during lunch times, study periods (for grade 11 and 12 students) and after school. The Writing Center has gone green for the second year by moving the tutor booking system online. This means your child may book a peer tutor at any time.

Who are the peer tutors?

Peer tutors are GWA students in grades 9-12 with particular strengths in certain subject areas and who embody the IB learner profile. Peer tutors have a strong sense of commitment. These students offer up their lunch times, study periods and time after school to tutor their peers. They do this as part of their Service and Action (MYP) and CAS (DP). 

When does the Peer Tutor Program take place after school?

Peer tutors start their tutoring sessions at 3:10PM this year and will end their sessions at 4:05PM. These tutoring sessions take place every day except Thursday.  The peer tutors and students are supervised by secondary school teachers who are also available to tutor students after school in the Writing Center.

How do students become peer tutors?

Messages are sent via ManageBac and the morning announcements. Students are provided with the link to an application forms. In order to access the application forms students must use their school gemselearning google account. Before submitting the application form, students are required to do the following:

a. read the Peer Tutor Contract carefully to determine whether they can comply with the requirements;

b. ask their teacher from last year if s/he is willing to complete a tutor recommendation form on their behalf; new students need to submit a copy of their last school report.


Melodee Peters

Director of the Writing Center