Welcome to GEMS World Academy-Dubai

I am delighted to welcome you to GEMS World Academy, Dubai (GWA). We are proud of our innovative approach to education and academic excellence, while at the same time providing a strong pastoral and co-curricular provision. We approach learning, teaching and living in the spirit of the International Baccalaureate and aim to continue to be a world-class IB leader in education, technology and innovation.

GEMS World Academy is like no other: from the ambition of our students and their zest for life, to their genuine desire to make the very best of themselves. At GWA, we have a deep and genuine commitment to providing an education that is unsurpassed anywhere in the world. Our educational philosophy is based on the IB Learner Profile, and our core values of Care, One Team, Always Learning and Excellence ensure that GWA students have an understanding of their place in society as global citizens and make a positive impact upon it.

Stuart Walker

“a quality education for every learner”

Our mission is ‘to provide a quality education for every learner. This captures the sense of optimism and determination to succeed that permeates GEMS World Academy. We aim to develop resilience in our students and the ability to be tenacious in their quest to be the best that they can be in all aspects of their lives. We draw out their individual talents and celebrate their personal achievements and their individual contribution, developing into well-rounded and confident global citizens.

GEMS World Academy provides an award-winning education. We have huge ambition and aspiration for every student, and our commitment to their success is combined with excellent pastoral support to make sure that students feel safe, secure and successful at all times. We enable our students to discover genuine interests that extend beyond the classroom and to express themselves by encouraging a broad understanding of the world, a social conscience and a considerate approach to other people.

At GWA, students develop a passion for learning and a capacity for independent thinking. We have a strong record of academic success, which is reflected in our outstanding IB results. Students also excel in outdoor adventure, sports and creative arts. Our teachers are enthusiastic, dedicated, highly qualified professionals who make sure that every student achieves their full potential.

“students feel safe, secure and successful”

True to the aims of GEMS Education’s Founder, Sunny Varkey, we encourage intellectual curiosity and an entrepreneurial spirit, and we foster a real sense of communal endeavour. We are an inclusive, positive, stimulating and demanding open-minded community.
We experiment, we demand, we persevere. GEMS World Academy is a place of high expectations, huge ambition and scholarship; a place where courtesy, kindness and manners matter, a place where hard work and a genuine commitment to achieve will assist 'a quality education for every learner’ while placing students at the heart of all decisions so that all our students feel safe, secure and successful.

Dr Saima Rana
CEO/ Principal
GEMS World Academy, Dubai

More about Dr Saima

She has extensive experience in international education, having devoted her entire career to improving the educational standards of inner-city schools. Prior to joining GEMS Education, she was Principal of Westminster Academy in London.

Dr. Rana has a strong background in school improvement, combining traditional school improvement techniques with a commitment to collaboration between the local community and businesses in order to accelerate regeneration and standards.

Dr Saima Rana

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