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Welcome to GEMS World Academy-Dubai!

It is a privilege to welcome you to the website of GEMS World Academy – Dubai. One of the great features of Dubai is the breadth of educational opportunities available to parents for them. If you are considering GWA – Dubai as a community in which you would like your child(ren) to be part then the information included in this website will convince you why we believe that GWA can provide the best education possible for you.

An education at GWA values commitment, balance, conviction and service. We believe that a first class education is characterized by what resources, values, capacities and passions a young person can take with them to be a valuable, active, caring participant citizen who is having a positive impact upon their community.

An education here is based upon criticism, creativity, challenge, compassion and contemplation. Criticism is the education of the intellect where understanding, problem solving, sound judgement and constructive criticism are developed in our students. Creativity or education of the imagination provides the ability to make connections and experience the world in different ways. Challenge, education of the will, develops mental and physical courage and the ability to overcome one’s fears and limitations. Compassion is the education of the emotions and is critical in developing an ability not only in identifying with other people but also a willingness to take action in order to help them. The final element of contemplation is the education of the spirit which develops in a young person the capacity for wonder and a sense that one is part of something larger than one’s self.

From a programmatic perspective, our PYP, MYP and DP programs provide a level of individual challenge and academic rigour that is different from what many of us would have experienced at school. However, just as our inquiry-based approach to learning requires students to be active participants in their own education, we expect parents to be engaged in the learning process as well. While our curriculum focuses on what students need, our Parent Association (GWAPA), Parent Relations Executive (PRE) and Senior Leadership Team focus on the adults in the community as well.

If you have not yet been convinced that GWA is the right place for you and your family I would encourage you to visit us personally. Then you will experience the real difference of GWA which is the very tangible sense of community that exists here at the school. We want our students, parents, staff and visitors to feel welcome and as though they have always belonged on our campus. Fostering this sense of belonging and culture of kindness comes from hiring, training and retaining the right mix of people who are extremely talented at what they do and are committed to developing a positive school climate; one that helps everyone make the most of our programs.

I look forward to welcoming you to GWA!

Stuart Walker
Head of School/CEO

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