Ban Ki-moon is the official Ambassador for GWA Model UN

GWA Model United Nations (MUN) is an event where students participate as delegates in a simulated model of the United Nations to discuss the greatest problems facing the world today and their potential solutions. Our goal for GWA MUN is for participants to gain a better understanding of current affairs and global politics through discussion, cooperation and friendly debate. The topics of discussion range from vaccine awareness, to the Rohingya refugee crisis, to the problems of maritime piracy; all are sure to spark constructive and enlightening debate.

The core philosophy behind our MUN events comes from the understanding that the problems of today will need to be faced by the generations of tomorrow. Indeed, the fact that former United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has been appointed as an ambassador of the MUN across all GEMS World Academy Schools and is attending our MUN conference in January 2020 is evidence that international leaders share this recognition.

Moreover, what makes GWA MUN stand out from other conferences are our futuristic committees, where more philosophical questions, such as the personhood of artificial intelligence, are discussed. Although some of the topics may seem ahead of their time now, they are sure to become increasingly relevant as technology advances through the rest of the 21st century.


Finally, it is important to stress that learning, as opposed to competition, is at the core of the MUN. At GWA MUN, we are fully committed to encouraging all participants to speak, and our Chairs are trained to ensure that a diverse and creative range of perspectives is entertained in all our debates.

We wish our delegates the best of luck and the strength and wisdom to carry humanity into its future.

Lihong Wang Secretary-General GWA MUN

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