The GWA Elite Athlete Programme

The Elite Athlete Program is designed to support our Athletes who compete in sport outside of GWA.

We strongly believe in the importance of creating an environment in which students can excel in both their studies and sport, and our Elite Athlete Program is designed to do just that, supporting our talented athletes who compete in sporting events beyond GWA. Students can take advantage of drop-in meetings to get advice about nutrition, overtraining, striking the right balance between training and other commitments, rest and recovery, and generating a sporting profile for social media.

Elite Athlete Program

In addition, prominent guest speakers who are experts in their fields are invited to the school on a regular basis to speak on a variety of subjects, such as overtraining, rest and recovery, diet and nutrition, social media profiles and dealing with injury. All of these are well received by students, with the last guest speaker, bodybuilder Christian Williams, focusing on overtraining and the next due to cover the topic of nutrition. We find our athletes are mainly interested in nutrition as well as meditation to help performance.

The Elite Athlete Program currently assists 10 students who compete internationally and 15 students who compete at club level. Sports include swimming, track and field, aquathlon, triathlon, gymnastics, football, netball, basketball, rugby and tennis.

Some Of Our Elite Athletes


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