Team Spotlight - Nadine Mneimne

Maths Teacher

I have been teaching in the UAE for 12 years. I have earned my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and a PGCE with distinction from the University of Nottingham in the UK. I am deeply committed to doing what I love: teaching every child to empower themselves. By nature, I take on challenges with the firmly held belief that there is always a solution to them; that notion comes from the love I have for Mathematics and I try my best to pass that on to my students. 

One of the greatest gifts I receive is when I see a student who had previously given up on the study of Mathematics, follow through with me and become an engaged thinker who is capable of truly understanding the subject and applying it to the real world. To see the students’ morale and self-confidence boosted is what drives my passion for teaching. 

My greatest achievement this year which I am truly proud of is my students’ results in DP, achieving a 61% success rate (Grade 5-7) and 100% pass rate. By constantly sharing good practice with the team, I believe we have succeeded collectively in contributing to differentiated groups across the grade. My personal goal is to encourage student progress, self-discipline and reinforce a good attitude towards their learning. It has been an exciting challenge in the past 3 months to think of new ways to promote students to increase their cooperativeness, personal fulfilment, motivation and academic performance whilst distance learning. By ascertaining their inner abilities and discovering what truly inspires them, I’ve aimed to instil a love of learning and a desire for constant knowledge within most of my students in these unprecedented times.

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