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Alice Recoura

I’m from GEMS World Academy - Dubai's Class of 2018, and am now entering my second year studying Veterinary Medicine at the University of Bristol. I’ve met some wonderful people here, and several nights out have been a fun part of me figuring out British culture. My favourite memory of my first year is driving back from a farm with a lamb I had saved from an inhumane euthanisation in the backseat of my car. Looking back at my high school experience at GEMS World Academy - Dubai, I feel Mrs Arnold really prepared us for university life, by encouraging us to be more independent and willing to figure out answers by working hard. I hope to someday open my own vet clinic and help as many furry friends as possible

Bethany Tosney

After graduating from GEMS World Academy - Dubai, I returned to the UK to study Psychology at Leeds Beckett University, where I achieved a 2:1 Bachelor of Science degree. I’ve had a longstanding passion for education and I’m currently studying at the University of Leicester, working towards earning a Qualified Teacher Status in Primary Education. I’m eagerly looking forward to being a teacher who can create a positive learning experience for children. At GEMS World Academy - Dubai, Ms Kozlowska was a great influence on me during my IB experience. She motivated and encouraged me, and introduced me to the wonderful world of psychology. I’m very thankful to everyone at GEMS World Academy - Dubai for a fantastic two years of schooling. The teachers there are inspirational and put a great deal of effort into helping their students.

Ismail Abdelrazig

I’m a GEMS World Academy - Dubai graduate from the batch of 2015. I am now doing a three-year Graduate Finance Programme with the Avis Budget Group in Bracknell, UK. My plans for the future are flexible, but I intend to make the most of the opportunities that I am presented with in life. Ever since my high school years, I have had a passion for fitness and I hope to pursue this interest as a business opportunity by one day opening my own gym. I had wonderful teachers at GEMS World Academy - Dubai and Mrs Arnold, in particular, is to this day someone I consider a mentor, a teacher and a friend. She remains one of my favourite people on earth.

Jose Silva

I am a GEMS World Academy - Dubai and IB Diploma Graduate from the Class of 2015. After leaving GEMS World Academy - Dubai, I studied Petroleum Engineering at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO, USA, graduating in May 2019. I am now working as a petroleum field engineer in San Antonio, Texas. The most important thing that I took from GEMS World Academy - Dubai was the ability to work with people from different countries and cultures and with different ideas and personalities. This is something that I took with me to university and it has also helped me in my professional career. GEMS World Academy - Dubai is the perfect place to nurture this skill because of the diverse student body, the breadth of the IB Diploma programme and the abundant extracurricular activities that are available to students. Go Dragons!

Julius Hornung

I graduated from GEMS World Academy - Dubai in 2016, after which I pursued my higher education at the University of St Gallen, in Switzerland, where I study Business. After I complete my degree this winter, I‘ll be putting my academic pursuits on hold for a year to work as a professional sailor in the equivalent of the international Formula 1 circuit for boats. I’ve made a point of staying in touch with all my teachers at GEMS World Academy - Dubai. They were all wonderful and supportive and often allowed me time off to pursue my passion without losing out at school.

Neeranuch Vootivakinskul

I’m a graduate of the 2016 batch at GEMS World Academy - Dubai, and I'm currently finishing up my fourth and last year of Geological Engineering at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. After graduating in May 2020, I hope to find a geotechnical engineering job, either in Vancouver or back home in Bangkok, Thailand. As my undergraduate education comes to a close, I have a great appreciation for the role that GEMS World Academy - Dubai has played in my life, as a positive influence. The many great opportunities to get involved in clubs, music and sports helped me develop the skill of balancing school, extra-curricular activities and a social life (which is key to thriving at university). I can’t emphasise enough how much I value my DP teachers; they always had my best interest at heart and I sincerely thank them for shaping me into the learner that I am today.

Noa Bleeker

I graduated from GEMS World Academy - Dubai in 2015. Since then, I’ve completed a two-year acting course at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. I am currently continuing my studies in the UK where I’m aiming to earn my full bachelor’s degree. After completing my degree course, I hope to make acting a full-time career (both on stage as well as on film and TV) and become fully certified in stage combat. Taking part in the school productions at GEMS World Academy - Dubai not only allowed me to get a taste of what it takes to be part of a production’s cast and crew, but it was also during this time that I realised that performing was something I wanted to pursue professionally.

Robert Mackowiak

I’m a GEMS World Academy - Dubai graduate from the batch of 2015. After finishing high school, I moved back to Canada and completed my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from the University of Toronto. During my degree, I became interested in better understanding the underlying mechanics behind complex movements like running and jumping. This led me to pursue my Masters of Science in Biomechanics, at Queen’s University. After this degree, I’d like to continue my education further, complete a PhD and pursue a position as a university professor. At GEMS World Academy - Dubai, I was given countless opportunities to explore my options for higher education. At one time, I wasn’t too sure of the direction I would take with my undergrad studies, but with advice from the guidance counselor at GEMS World Academy - Dubai, as well as many of my teachers, I feel like I’ve ended up making a great choice that really brings out the best in me.

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