Team Spotlight - Kimberly Sharpe

MYP Counsellor

Kimberly Sharpe is currently the MYP Counsellor supporting students in grades 6, 7 and 8. Having joined GEMS World Academy - Dubai in August 2011 as a Grade 5 PYP classroom teacher/ team leader, she was inspired to follow her passion in student social and emotional development towards Counselling.  A graduate from Lehigh University’s International Counselling Programme, Kimberly values the importance of student relationships and enjoys witnessing the social emotional growth of her students and families. During her role as a Counsellor at GEMS World Academy - Dubai, she has supported students in families from Grade 2 through to Grade 8. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, Kimberly began her teaching career as a French teacher and has resided and taught in Vancouver, Beirut, Lebanon, and Dubai, UAE. Outside of the Academy, Kimberly enjoys quality time with her family and close friends, exploring the UAE’s outdoors, yoga, swimming, cooking and travel.  

Kimberly will be presenting at the upcoming International School Counsellor Association’s virtual conference this coming October.  Her presentation focuses on the importance of Counselling intervention experiences for students and families during the COVID-19 distance learning process, and beyond.

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