Week Without Walls


The Week Without Walls is experiential education at its prime. For one week every year all students G6-G12 are expected to participate of an educational experience outside the classroom, some travel to remote places to build schools and some stay in Dubai planting trees or volunteering at a school for students with special needs. The WWW serves the purpose of making the student body more international minded and supports our students on their pursue to become better global citizens. A global citizen is someone who is aware of the wider world, cares about people and the environment, and takes action to make the world a better place. The GWA Week Without Walls program is designed to give students the experiences that will inspire them to become caring global citizens. Students will engage in sustainable service and/or gain awareness of issues that transcend national borders. They will develop an understanding of issues of poverty, indigenous peoples, and environmental degradation and preservation while simultaneously helping people or building up cultural awareness and sensitivity. Students will often plan and work as teams, strengthening their teamwork for a common goal of greater good. 

To learn more about this program please visit: Week Without Walls Website


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