Athletic Excellence


All students will gain physical competence and confidence through a variety of exciting holistic experiences, giving them the desire to be physically literate for life. 


GEMS World Academy athletics teach student-athletes valuable life-lessons while enhancing their achievement of educational goals. Student-athletes are expected to honorably represent their school and themselves while competing in athletic competitions. The GWA athletic department will create and foster an environment that provides opportunities for student-athletes to enrich their school experience through participation on athletic teams, which are competitive at the local and international levels.


At GEMS World Academy, participation in our athletic program is not only a fun and rewarding experience but also a privilege and a valuable education experience. Participating in sport is life long journey. The ability to develop key skills in sport is key to being physically literate, enabling them to transfer their skills across a variety of sports. The student athlete will not only develop physically but develop high standards in moral values, sportsmanship, hard work, leadership, individuality and community, learning with passion and rigor. As students compete, there will be a natural drive to win, and this will be encouraged. However, whilst striving for excellence, the principals of good sportsmanship and enjoyment will take precedence at all times.

DAPSA (Dubai Association of Primary School Athletics)

DASSA (Dubai Association of Secondary School Athletics)

Term 1: 30th September – 6th December (9 weeks)


Swimming U8s - U11s

Football U8s - U11s

Cross Country U8s – U11s

Aquathlon U8s – U11s

Netball Development U8s – U11s

Tag Rugby Development U8s –U11s 


Swimming U12s – U19s

Basketball U16s & U19s

Football U12s – U19s

Rugby 7s U19s Boys

Touch Rugby Development U12s – U16s

Term 2: 9th December – 14th March (10 Weeks)


Swimming U8s - U11s

Tag Rugby League U8s – U11s

Netball League U8s – U11s

Basketball U8s – U9s

Cross Country U8s – U11s

Aquathlon U8s – U11s


Track and Field U12s – U19s

Swimming U12s – U19s

Volleyball U14s – U19s

Touch Rugby League U12s – U19s

Netball League U12s – U19s

Tennis U14s – U19s

Term 3: 17th March – 6th May and Post Ramadan 


Swimming U8s - U11s

Basketball U10s – U11s

Cricket U8s – U11s


Swimming U12s – U19s

Basketball U12s – U14s

Water Polo U14s – U16s

Cricket U12s – U19s

Badminton U12s – U19s


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Athletic Director

Dean Winders