Ms Maka Baramidze

Whole School Vice Principal - Student Support Services

Maka has been an educator for over 20 years and has led successful middle and senior leadership teams in inner city London schools. She started her career as a secondary school English teacher and her interest in pedagogy led her becoming a Director of Faculty and an Assistant Principal-English and SEN. Throughout her career she has worked extensively to drive improvement and build and sustain thriving school cultures with a relentless commitment to learning and well-being for all members of its community.



During her time as a Vice Principal of Westminster Academy, Maka has nurtured highly collaborative teaching body and leadership teams whose primary focus is improving students' learning. She has delivered training to teachers and school leaders nationally and internationally encouraging them to become more inclusive through enhanced SEN/EAL and G&T provision. She has developed a unique approach to supporting individuals through change and provides tools to senior leadership.



Maka continues to be committed to the development of impactful leadership at all levels in order to create a sustainable change. She has successfully completed the National Professional Qualification for Headteachers and holds a Master of Arts degree.


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