Rihabe Akerkedou

Director of Arabic & GWALI

Rihabe was born in Paris 18, France. She moved to Morocco, Spain then to UAE at 2008. With over 20 years’ experience in teaching languages across Europe, Africa and Asia, Rihabe currently works at GEMS World Academy as Director of Arabic and GWA Language Institute.

She has extensive international experience in teaching languages. Rihabe lead a successful career in teaching with a combination of languages strategies. She is now in her Sixth year at GWA and have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the happy staff and of course the wonderful student and parents we have at GWA.

Rihabe has a certified teaching diploma accredited from the MOE and KHDA now she is working on completing her Master’s in Education and Leadership. Rihabe believes in the importance of learning languages specially the mother tongue that reflects our identity and value our culture.

Rihabe is a passionate about reading books and watching Hollywood movies. She also like to spend most of her time with her two kids and her family. She believes that more than anything though, it is the success of every child in this school that make her job as Director of Arabic & GWALI such a rewarding one.


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