GEMS World Academy - Dubai Parent Association

A dedicated community created by and for all our GEMS World Academy - Dubai Parents.

Welcome to GEMS World Academy - Dubai Parent Association (GWAPA)

Our Academy has a very active Parent Association – including you. The most important role of our PA is to help our children thrive in a happy and safe environment. We organise events that combine fun, family, and put in practice the cornerstones of the IB programme.

We the parents, with the red lanyards around our necks, are also here to help you. We can help address any requests or issues you may have during the academic year.

We would love for you to be an active member of the PA, by joining us in one of the many roles that will be available in the fall. If you have limited time, you can still participate in various activities and individual events.

Three of the largest events planned for next year are:

  • UAE National Day
  • International Day
  • Family Day

The PA also runs a uniform shop, called the Dragon’s Den. It is located behind the coffee shop in the main atrium. The shop is run entirely by members of our GWAPA community. It is a unique opportunity to get in touch with plenty of parents and make friends, especially those who are new to Dubai.

You are invited to attend our first Parent General Meeting in September (date to be announced). It will be a chance to meet other new and returning parents, as well as for us to get to know you in person.

We are available to assist in any way we can; please contact us by emailing [email protected].  

Once again, welcome to GEMS World Academy - Dubai. We wish you and your children a great start to the new academic year. 


Yours truly,

Anne-Marie Lind

GWAPA Chairperson 2021-22

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