COVID-19 Regulations Update

1. Masks are no longer compulsory in Dubai schools and can generally be worn by choice with the following exceptions:
                        • The Medical staff are required to wear the masks at all times when they remain in the facility. Also, anyone entering the clinic or medical facility is also mandated to wear the masks.
                        • All catering staff must continue to wear masks.
                        • Anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms must continue to wear masks.
                        • NCEMA has announced that the wearing of masks will continue on public transport. So all students who are using the school buses are required to wear masks.

2. Any one tested positive for COVID 19 virus must isolate for 5 days.

3. People identified as close contact to the COVID positive case are no longer required to be in quarantine unless they have symptoms related to COVID 19 infection.

4. Anyone who develops COVID 19 symptoms is required to undergo a PCR test and can resume the classes if the test is negative and the person is symptom free.

5. Compliance with safety standards of Dubai government authorities are compulsory

6. Regular cleaning and sanitization of facility will continue.

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