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What does the Bridging Programme look like?


Attendance in MYP classes

Students will have the opportunity to become familiar with the approaches to teaching and learning in the IB and get a taste of the kind of preparation students at GWA have had in the MYP. During the course of the first month at GWA students will have the opportunity to participate in MYP classes with the goal of completing an interdisciplinary project at the conclusion of the four weeks.


Completion of an Interdisciplinary Project

Students will have group and independent time to complete an interdisciplinary project and supporting paper similar to the requirements of the Grade 10 Personal Project. When not attending MYP classes, students will be supported by our teachers and coordinators to develop a project idea, see the project to completion as well as a paper documenting their journey with the project and a reflection utilizing the Approaches to Learning and Learner Profile attributes.


Diploma Program Preparation

Upon completion of the interdisciplinary project in May, students will have scheduled classes and assessments with teachers and Team Leaders in each of the five or six subject areas they are interested in pursuing as part of their desired Diploma Programme. This will be an opportunity for students and teachers to gauge understanding of the requisite knowledge that is needed for the start of Diploma Programme. In addition, teachers will be able to develop an individualized plan to help guide students towards ensuring a successful transition with understanding of content, skills and concepts within DP courses.  


Transitioning Parents

A final support mechanism we have put in place for families new to GWA is an IB information evening. During this evening, the DP coordinator will explore the basic structure of the IB and the DP for families new to the curriculum. Parents and students will hav