GWA Parent Association

A dedicated community created by and for all our GWA Parents

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
- Helen Keller

GWAPA (GWA Parent’s Association) is a voluntary committee of
parents, who work together with the school to make GWA the best
possible environment for students. GWAPA is a team of 18 parents who
nominate themselves to various roles, and are voted in by the parents
and school to fulfill different responsibilities.

I have been a part of this team since the last four years and have been
the Chairperson of GWAPA since the last two years. I have had a great
opportunity and experience being the Chairperson of GWAPA, and
leading my team to work alongside the school to plan events and
support our student community. My sincere thanks to GEMS World
Academy for entrusting me with this position. I have been a parent of this
school for 9 years and each year it gets better.

GWAPA organizes events like International Day, Spring Festival, UAE
National Day, and Winter Festival. We support events such as the Iftar,
Run 2 Overcome, Twilight Café, school dances and Drama Productions.
We have built a lot of positive relationships within the team, and with the
students, teachers and SLT. I have enjoyed organizing all the enriching
events and getting our school community together. I have loved being a
part of GWAPA this year, supporting the team and making events
happen, to make our school, GWA, the happiest place.

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For the upcoming GWAPA events for 2018/2019 please click here

Pooja Kedia

GWAPA Chairperson 2018/2019