Placement Assessment

Placement Assessment

Placement Assessments

GEMS World Academy-Dubai admits students according to the Ministry of Education and KHDA’s regulations as well as the GEMS admissions policies. In conjunction with previous school reports, placement assessments are designed to determine a student’s readiness for the GWA program including any language and/or special needs support for which additional fees are charged.
Our assessments are conducted in English, however students who are non-speakers or new to the language are assessed using English as an Additional Language materials. Parents are encouraged to make sure that their child is well rested and fed prior to the session as being tired or hungry can adversely affect their assessment.

The assessment process differs by grade level as indicated below:

  • PreK to Kg2
    • Students are invited for an observational/practical assessment to determine school readiness. The sessions are generally conducted in small groups whenever possible, one-on-one as required, and last approximately 30 minutes.
    • Students in the early childhood program must be potty trained.
  • Grade 1 – 5
    • Assessments are conducted on a one-to-one basis, encompass literacy and numeracy skills and last approximately one hour.
  • Grade 6 – 11
    • Assessments are conducted using the computer MAP test including Reading, Maths, Language/Vocabulary and a short writing sample and last approximately two hours.  

  • Grade 12 students are generally not admitted as it is the second year of the two-year IB Diploma Program. Students transferring from an IB Diploma Program may be eligible for enrolment.