Robert Mackowiak

Class of 2015

I’m a GEMS World Academy - Dubai graduate from the batch of 2015. After finishing high school, I moved back to Canada and completed my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology from the University of Toronto. During my degree, I became interested in better understanding the underlying mechanics behind complex movements like running and jumping. This led me to pursue my Masters of Science in Biomechanics, at Queen’s University. After this degree, I’d like to continue my education further, complete a PhD and pursue a position as a university professor. At GEMS World Academy - Dubai, I was given countless opportunities to explore my options for higher education. At one time, I wasn’t too sure of the direction I would take with my undergrad studies, but with advice from the guidance counselor at GEMS World Academy - Dubai, as well as many of my teachers, I feel like I’ve ended up making a great choice that really brings out the best in me.

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