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GEMS World Academy - Dubai aims to provide our students the opportunity to learn independence as well as confidence in making good, healthy eating decisions. All food is served from either the Academy's Cafeteria or our Parent Cafe. Snacks are available in the cafeteria at recesses and hot and cold food is served at lunch time. Please note hot food is not currently being served due to COVID-19 restrictions. Students are welcome to bring packed lunches or snack boxes to the Academy as well. Our out-sourced catering company works with GEMS World Academy - Dubai and our families to ensure that the menu offerings are well-balanced and appetizing.

Meal Times

PreK - Grade 1 students eat in their classrooms in order to minimise transition times for our youngest students. PreK and Kg1 students are encouraged to bring food that does not need to be re-heated as their shortened day does not permit the use of microwaves. Kg2 and Grade 1 students are also encouraged to bring food that does not need to be re-heated, however there is access for this age group as they are in the Academy for a full day.

Students in grades 2 and above eat in fully supervised cafeteria during their lunch periods. Students may purchase hot meals and drinks or choose from a selection salads and sandwiches as further options. Students are always welcome to bring in their own lunch from home and microwaves are available to reheat food.

Money and Cards

Students may purchase food from the cafeteria by our cashless card system. The cashless system is of particular benefit to parents of our younger students who often struggle with money. Please visit the Slices site  to sign up for this free card. Once you have received the card you may load it with credit using your own bank credit card. Students may use their cashless cards in the GEMS World Academy - Dubai cafeteria immediately.

Click here to view the Slices Online Portal.

Parent Cafe

The Café, located at the main entrance lobby area, is intended for use by our adult community members as a place to purchase hot and cold drinks and a quick snack. The Café is open 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on academic days. Any students other than IBDP students should not use the Café unless accompanied by an adult. Please note that parents are currently unable to visit the Parent Café due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Food Choices and our Nut-free Campus

Students nutrition and academic/social success are very closely linked so parents are encouraged to send their student to the Academy with healthy food options. As such, students should not bring carbonated drinks or candy to the Academy.

We also request that foods with nuts and nut oils not be brought to the Academy as we have several students with serious allergies that are life-threatening.

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