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GEMS World Academy - Dubai has a consistent policy of making parents/ carers feel welcome at their child’s Academy. The CEO / Principal and the Local Advisory Board hope that parents / carers find it easy to discuss their child’s progress with members of staff. When there are particular concerns which parents / carers wish to share, we encourage the parent / carer to contact us by telephone or email / letter so that the matter can be dealt with quickly and informally. 

The Complaints Policy is for the benefit of parents/ carers of students at GEMS World Academy - Dubai and accords with good practice. This policy will be relied upon in respect of all complaints by parents / carers against GEMS World Academy - Dubai except in the following areas, where separate policies exist: 

Data and Privacy 

With new data regulations coming into effect, we would like to update our parents, carers, students and staff on how GEMS World Academy - Dubai complies with the new legislation. Please find below our Privacy Notices and Data Protection Policy available to download.

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