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Chair of LAB

The aim of GEMS World Academy - Dubai has always been to make the Academy a centre of educational excellence. We are proud to be located in the heart of Dubai, and proud to have such a diverse community. It remains the express intent of GEMS Education and Mr Sunny Varkey to meet the needs of local students, parents and residents ensuring that our education standards are not only the highest standards, but they also serve as a role model to other schools and academies. 

May I welcome the community to engage with the Academy, its CEO / Principal, and teachers. For our part the Local Advisory Board will continue to build upon the reputation and the community outreach plans of the Academy. 

Mr Omar Abu-Sharif
Chair of the GEMS World Academy - Dubai LAB


GEMS World Academy - Dubai Local Advisory Board Members For 2022-23

Name Initial Appointment Date Re-appointment Date

Term of Office

Position / Title

Mr Omar Abu-Sharif

September 2019

September 2020

2 year

CEO of HUNA Ltd (GEMS World Academy - Dubai Parent and LAB Chair)

Mr Dino Varkey September 2018 September 2020 3 years Group Executive Director & Board Member at GEMS Education
Mr Saad Benani     

February 2022

 N/A 7 months Parent Representative (GEMS World Academy - Dubai Parent)         

Mrs Pooja Kedia

September 2018

September 2020

3 years

Parent Representative (GEMS World Academy - Dubai Parent) 

Dr Saima Rana

September 2020



CEO / Principal of GEMS World Academy - Dubai (Ex Officio) 

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