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Language Institute

The Academy's Language Institute provides the largest mother tongue language programme among all schools in the UAE.

Intercultural understanding involves recognising and reflecting on one’s own perspective, as well as the perspectives of others. In our own highly diverse international community, the learning of another language, and the preservation and understanding of one’s mother tongue is critical.

The Academy's Language Institute allows us to impart intercultural understanding and respect among our students from more than 90 nationalities. Multilingual opportunities advance critical thinking skills, allowing students to approach and understand the world as global citizens. 

Multilingual Opportunities: 14 Mother Tongue Languages

Our Language Institute offers 14 mother tongue languages, offered as part of the Academy timetable. The languages are: Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Hindi, German, Turkish, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Hebrew and Farsi.



For the Academic Year 2024-2025, there will be additional costs for the GWALI Mother Tongue Programme. Please contact our Admissions Team via [email protected] for further details.

Welcome Message From Our

Language Ambassadors

Meet our Student Language Ambassadors, who take active part in the programme by bringing their native language to every-day learning.

A Diverse and

Multicultural Environment