Our Team

Our diverse and cosmopolitan mix of educators and education professionals from around the world allow us to create a truly international environment and draw on leading global resources and techniques from countries that include; the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. 

The Academy has an outstanding team of staff across all of its functions and prides itself on being a beacon for excellence in everything that it does.


We continuously invest in people, supporting each team, and ensuring that all staff understand, value, and embody the core mission of the Academy. All staff have contributed to the vision and significantly influenced the positive culture that exists across such a large organisation.

The Academy is also involved in a number of action research programmes and innovative teaching and learning case studies, as well as leading a number of best practice groups and networks.

Leadership Team

Our CEO/Principal, Dr Saima Rana, on

Leadership, Teachers and Support Staff

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Team Spotlight

  • Meet Nadine Mneimne

    Maths Teacher

    I am deeply committed to doing what I love: teaching every child to empower themselves. By nature, I take on challenges with the firmly held belief that there is always a solution to them; that notion comes from the love I have for Mathematics and I try my best to pass that on to my students.

  • Meet Katrina Spartalis

    Whole Academy Counselling Team Lead

    Katrina Spartalis is currently the Team Leader of the K-12 Counselling Department and the Counsellor for students in Grades 9 to 12 at GEMS World Academy - Dubai.

  • Meet Kieran Walsh

    Secondary Design Teacher

    Since joining the Academy, I have set up and led both the MYP and DP Design programmes in which our students have continually experienced an innovative and dynamic environment.

  • Meet Alexandra Long

    KG2 Teacher

    I was able to develop my love of writing after graduating in the role as PR Manager for a high-profile London based PR Agency for a number of years.

  • Meet Sarah Dixon

    Secondary Maths Teacher

    After graduating with a Bachelors in Mathematics and Computer Sciences, I started teaching A Level in independent colleges in London, while qualifying to become a teacher.

  • Meet Kimberly Sharpe

    PYP/MYP Counselor

    Kimberly Sharpe is currently the MYP Counsellor supporting students in grades 6, 7 and 8. Having joined GEMS World Academy - Dubai in August 2011 as a Grade 5 PYP classroom teacher / team leader, she was inspired to follow her passion in student social and emotional development towards Counselling.

  • Meet Helen Al Uzaizi

    Director of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Impact

    "Teaching students about entrepreneurship impacts them in so many ways. Not only is the programme helping them learn the basics of starting and running a business, it is also helping them develop critical thinking skills and build their self-confidence."

  • Meet Micheline Chaia

    Director of the GEMS World Academy - Dubai Language Institute

    “It’s not only language as a mother-tongue, we also teach our students history and geography about their country to keep them close to their country and their identity, to give them a sense of belonging.”


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