Early Childhood Programme

The Early Childhood Programme is an inquiry-based, developmental programme that caters to the individual needs of our diverse group of learners aged two and a half years old to six and a half years old.

We believe that each child is endowed with their own special gifts, talents, learning styles and preferences and we are committed to investing in the realization of their potential so that they will become enthusiastic problem solvers and lifelong learners. In the Early Childhood Programme, our students are guided through the curriculum and are encouraged to ask questions, make connections and construct their own understandings of key concepts, skills, knowledge and dispositions as outlined by the International Baccalaureate PYP curriculum. The acquisition of math and language skills are not only taught in isolation, but are also integrated with the units of inquiry providing a meaningful context to build understanding. Social studies, science and art are also taught through the units of inquiry that are created for each grade level. Additionally, our Early Childhood students attend lessons with single-subject teachers outside their general classroom in the areas of art, physical education, swimming, music, information technology (ICT), and library. An Arab Studies course is introduced in KG1 as an introduction to and appreciation of the local culture and traditions.

At the core of our curriculum is the IB learner profile that encourages the students to become inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk takers, balanced and reflective. Our child-centred classrooms provide a warm and inviting atmosphere that is welcoming to children and sparks their natural curiosity to learn. Lessons are collaboratively planned for by the grade level and single-subject teachers with the idea of creating a balance between guided learning and free exploration.

In our Early Childhood programme, we place an increased emphasis on:

  • Learning through play and individual discovery;
  • Learning through integrated units of inquiry;
  • Developing skills that allow students to work collaboratively;
  • Learning through the manipulation of concrete materials;
  • Moving through various learning activities;
  • Differentiating through choice and readiness;
  • Initiating inquiry and asking questions and;
  • Building a highly sensorial environment catering for multiple intelligences.

In addition to learning in our classrooms, students share an indoor discovery corridor that provides space for varied activities that support their learning through play. We also have an outdoor learning space that is designed to challenge and develop gross motor skills through sand and water play, bike riding, climbing frames, ball and hoops and other activities.

We know that children develop at different rates, however upon entering our Early Childhood Programme, a child is expected to be ready to participate fully during the day and in all aspects of the curriculum. In order to support a child’s learning, we encourage independence, including the ability to separate from caregivers and parents each morning. A child is also expected to take care of his/her own personal needs independently such as using the toilet, eating, changing clothes for swimming, and monitoring personal belongings. We look forward to supporting your child on his/her learning journey.

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