Timings of the Academy Day and Attendance


All students should enter the Academy through their house doors between 07:45 to 8:00 Monday to Friday.


All students are dismissed at 15:15 Monday to Thursday and 12:00 Friday.

Enrichment Activities run 15:15 to 16:15 Monday to Thursday. 


A schedule of upcoming events is always included in the weekly newsletter which is emailed and posted on our website on a weekly basis. We also post reminder signs throughout the Academy to announce events such as concerts, exhibitions or parent coffee mornings.

Attendance and Absences

Excellent attendance and punctuality have a direct impact on student progress and are key skills that children will require throughout their lives. Please read the Academy's  Attendance Guide for our expectations regarding behaviour and protocols in the case of student absence.

If a child is absent due to sickness or any other reason, please phone the Divisional Office to report their absence first thing in the morning. There are also times when an absence is unavoidable and in such cases, parents are asked to contact the Academy in advance whenever possible.

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