Academy Transportation

Looking for a ride to the Academy?

As a parent, ensuring that your children get to and from the Academy safely and comfortably is a top priority, but it can often be difficult to juggle dropping your children off at the Academy and picking them up again at the end of the day.

With this in mind, we offer our students a reliable and secure bus service through School Transport Services LLC (STS).

The Highest Safety Standards 

  • STS are the only ISO certified Academy transport provider in Dubai.
  • All vehicles are fitted with Video Surveillance Systems, Global Positioning Systems, and scanners.
  • All drivers/bus monitors are RTA certified and all buses have a female monitor who will assist the students.
  • All students are provided with an ID card which is scanned on the bus providing the in and out details with GPS location. 
  • All buses are inspected and maintained to the Road Transport Authority of Dubai’s regulations.

A Personalised Transport Plan for your Child

Submit a Transport Request Form detailing your requirements and preferred route.

An STS area specialist will then review the best route for your child and contact you with the relevant timetable and the driver’s details … and away you go. It really is as simple as that.

What next? 

To apply to use the bus service, please print and complete the following two forms:

  • Student Registration, please click HERE
  • Undertaking by Parent (G1 - G3) and (G4 - G6
  • Bus Terms and Conditions, please click HERE
  • To view the STS Transport Rate List for GEMS World Academy - Dubai, please click HERE.
  • To download the Academy Guidelines for Bus Behaviour, please click HERE.
  • To pay bus fees online or to visit the STS website, please click HERE.

Transport Fees

Transport fees are charged for ten months of the academic year, divided into three semesters: September to December, January to March and April to June.

The bus fee should be paid before the beginning of a semester. If the transport fee is not paid by the 5th day of the first month of the semester’s service, the bus service will be stopped until the fee is paid.

Service discontinuation will only be accepted by STS at the end of an academic term. If any parent applies for discontinuation before the end of the academic term, no refund will be provided for any unexpired period of that term.

If you have any queries, please contact our STS Operations Executive at (04) 373 6373 ext. 361.

*Please note - whilst we will do everything possible to offer your preferred route, we cannot guarantee this will always be possible.

Important Contact Information:

Mr. Denis Rodrigues

E-mail: [email protected]

Ask us about our pick up and drop-off points. Don't worry if you live outside of the standard service area. We would be happy to speak to you about personalised travel arrangements.

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