Student Leadership

Leadership opportunities for students, at GEMS World Academy - Dubai

At GEMS World Academy - Dubai, students are exposed to a variety of leadership opportunities that reflect the unique blend of interests within the community. There are over 250 student leaders at GEMS World Academy - Dubai, ranging from innovation and entrepreneurship influencers, to house and grade-level captains.

The responsibilities of these student leaders include: organising activities that create community spirit, raising awareness, and supporting peers and families through creative action. The leadership roles link back to various phases of the core IB Programme and encourage students to actively discover ways in which they can develop themselves and connect to other cultures, through service and actions.

The Student Executive

Perhaps the most significant of such leadership roles are those within the Student Executive Council. This group comprises of four students – two male and two female – who are quasi-elected through a series of hustings, interviews and votes from students and teachers. They hold office for a year from the month of February in Grade 11. The key responsibilities of the Student Executive Council include: acting as Community Ambassadors, managing the Academy Student Executive Council, attending the Local Advisory Board meetings and liaising with all other sub-committee groups in the senior Academy.

2023-24 Members

The four students identified for these roles must not only exhibit outstanding academic performance, but also possess a balance of tact, diplomacy, creativity and resilience. The Student Executive Council is the perfect platform to nurture and empower these valuable traits, and create future global citizens with values that GEMS World Academy - Dubai aspires to instill in the entire student body.

Student Leadership Team 2023-2024

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