Alexandra Tsalidis

الكسندرا تساليديس


Studying Law at Cambridge University

We are so proud to share that our 2018-19 Valedictorian and one of our top performing students in the IBDP, Alexandra Tsalidis, has been accepted to Read [sic] Law at Cambridge University, which is ranked among the top three law schools in the world by different university rankings.

Alexandra was also accepted at two Ivy League schools in the US: Columbia University and Dartmouth University, as well as Georgetown, Northwestern and UCLA.

Speaking of her success, Alexandra's family has told us that "personal statements and interviews play a very important role in college applications these days – even more so than grades. The IB program was particularly helpful in preparing Alex for these by developing her independent critical thinking and writing skills. This was done over several years thanks to the structure of the IB style of learning and the emphasis placed on independent thinking and questioning of facts. Because of that, she was able to write strong personal statements and have successful interviews. The extracurriculars, especially the MUN program also helped her focus her interests and understand better what she would like to study."

  • Meet Alexandra Tsalidis

    GEMS World Academy - Dubai Dubai 2019 Valedictorian

    As GEMS World Academy’s Valedictorian for 2018-19 and one of the school’s best performing students in the IBDP, Alexandra Tsalidis, had her pick among some of the world’s finest universities to pursue her higher education.

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