A successful GWA Model United Nations

January 9-11, 2020
We were honored to have HE Ban Ki-moon preside over our very successful GWA Model United Nations event as the keynote speaker of our opening ceremony, as well as Sir Anthony Seldon, our keynote speaker on the second day.

Ban Ki moon speaking at GWA MUN

The IB Curriculum at GWA


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Our graduates attend the world's top universities

What the GWA community says

  • Ben Sykes

    Teacher - Grade 3

    "What I most enjoy about the IB curriculum is that students are at the center as agents of their own learning journeys and the role of the teacher is to be a responsive facilitator and guide along the way.

    Students are encouraged to become curious inquirers, to question and to change their thinking as their theories, knowledge and skills develop"

  • Muhammed Ramees Basheer

    Grade 12 Student

    "I have broadened my horizons on what it means to be an exemplary student and a good member of society,
    deviating from my original view that sleepless nights of cramming textbooks were the only way in which a student could succeed in their education."

  • Alexandra Tsalidis

    GWA Valedictorian 2018-19

    I think it’s easy to underestimate the difficulty of the Diploma Programme.

    For me, it was teachers and administrators like Mrs. Rania Hussein that made the seemingly insurmountable bearable. Beyond that, I think having graduated from GWA I feel as though I truly received a holistic education and I find myself more ready to enter university as a more educated person.

  • Jasmine Sanau

    GWA Alum

    "I've never met such a roster of teachers who didn't feel an ounce of hesitation to sacrifice their afternoons and weekends for their classes, nor teachers who took such care and attention to build genuine relationships with their students.
    Not all students around the world are blessed with the mentors I had, so if there's anybody to acknowledge, it's them"

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