GEMS World Academy - Dubai Parent Association

A dedicated community created by and for all our GEMS World Academy - Dubai Parents.

Welcome to GEMS World Academy - Dubai Parent Association (GWAPA)

We have a very active Parent Association at GWA (GWAPA). Every parent at GWA is part of GWAPA and our main priority will always be our community, supporting students and parents in a happy and thriving environment. Including parents in our events is important to us because we believe that it strengthens the community.


GWAPA’s main goal is to keep our Academy community connected through social and cultural events. The amazing diversity of our community is what inspires us to organize and celebrate several occasions during the academic year.


Our main events are:

  • National Day
  • Winter Festival
  • International Day
  • Spring Festival

We host a monthly social coffee morning where parents and carers can meet and get to know each other. Please check the newsletter for GWAPA updates.


Should you wish to contact GWAPA or volunteer, please send us an e-mail at [email protected].


GWAPA are here to help and support you and we are looking forward to meeting as many GWA parents and cares during this academic year.


Ms Pooja Kedia 

GWAPA President

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