The Planetarium

A first of its kind in a K-12 school, this 70-seat installation boasts over 300,000 stars on its database

The GEMS World Academy – Dubai Planetarium was the first of its kind in the region in a K-12 school. The 70-seat installation features a digital three-dimensional starfield and real-time rendering capabilities. With a database of over 300,000 stars, the dome can be filled with an incredibly realistic starry night. Along with the eight planets of our solar system, star constellations and deep space objects, the Planetarium brings the night sky to the day time classroom.

A digital planetarium differs from a traditional setup in that it is not just an earthbound view of the stars that we can see. The custom-built computer system drives two high-definition video projectors that blend seamlessly to create a 360-degree, wrap-around image, producing a truly immersive environment.

Using a special type of video projection known as 'Fulldome video', highly detailed and realistic images, videos and computer-generated animations of the most incredible sights in our universe can be projected in incredible detail across the surface of the 10-metre diameter domed ceiling. Whether it is witnessing the formation of the universe or watching the explosive death of giant stars, every student is guaranteed a front-row seat.

More than a planetarium

The flexibility afforded by the digital projection system means that it is not only views of the universe that can be displayed. Subjects such as Art, History, Geography, Physics and Biology can be brought to life and taught within this immersive classroom. The ability to move from the macro environment of space, to the microscopic environment of cells and atoms creates a facility where all aspects of the curriculum can be envisaged in a unique and exciting way.

Listed below are just some of the planetarium presentations at GEMS World Academy – Dubai:

The Birth, Life, and Death of Stars

Witness the birth of our local star, the sun, and discover how long it has been shining. Watch as the biggest stars in our universe slowly age and eventually die in huge supernova explosions.

Seasonal Stargazing

Learn about the constellations of the night time sky and where and when they can be seen. Through the seasons of the year we see how ancient cultures kept their own calendars based on the star patterns they could see.

Wonders of the Universe

Take an incredible journey back to the beginning of time and witness the birth of the universe. Fly through our home galaxy, the Milky Way, and experience the awe inspiring sights of deep space exploration.

Stars of the Pharaohs

Go back 4000 years in time to see how the ancient Egyptians built their culture and religion around the stars of their night sky. The temples and monuments that we see as ruins today are accurately recreated to show how they looked when they were first built.

Orion - Hero of the Night Sky

One of the brightest and most visible constellations of the winter sky, Orion, is brought to life through the stories and adventures of this ancient mythological character.

Aimed at younger audiences the presentation features a tour of the winter night time sky along with the only Fulldome Immersive cartoon animated education show ever produced.


Atoms and molecules presented on a huge scale. An introduction for younger audiences to the different states of matter, from gases to liquids and solids we get an inside view of the micro universe of atoms that make up everything.

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