Each year GEMS World Academy - Dubai is involved in over 500 competitive sports fixtures. All students will gain physical competence and confidence through a variety of exciting holistic experiences, giving them the desire to be physically literate for life. GEMS World Academy - Dubai athletics teach student-athletes valuable life-lessons while enhancing their achievement of educational goals. Student-athletes are expected to honourably represent GEMS World Academy - Dubai and themselves while competing in athletic competitions. The GEMS World Academy - Dubai athletic department will create and foster an environment that provides opportunities for student-athletes to enrich their experience through participation on athletic teams, which are competitive at the local and international levels.At GEMS World Academy - Dubai, participation in our athletic programme is not only a fun and rewarding experience but also a privilege and a valuable educational experience. Participating in sports is a lifelong journey. The ability to develop key skills in sport is key to being physically literate which enables them to transfer their skills across a variety of sports.

The student-athlete will not only develop physically but also develop high standards in moral values, sportsmanship, hard work, leadership, individuality and community. They will also learn with passion and rigour. As students compete, there will be a natural drive to win, and this will be encouraged. However, whilst striving for excellence, the principles of good sportsmanship and enjoyment will take precedence at all times.

Our Elite Athlete Programme is designed to provide students with an environment in which they excel in both their studies and sports outside of GEMS World Academy - Dubai. Students can take advantage of drop-in meetings to get advice about nutrition, overtraining, work and training balance, rest and recovery, and generating a sporting profile for social media.

Sport is an essential component of Academy life. Not only does it promote good health, but it also teaches students so much in terms of individual, and team commitment and achievement. GEMS World Academy - Dubai is very proud of its ability to combine maximum participation with professional coaching and performance. As well as providing a competitive sports environment, our students are also taught the values of sportsmanship and fair play. Importantly the Academy also provides opportunities for all students to participate fully in extra-curricular sport. Girls’ netball and touch rugby for both boys and girls has begun to flourish within the Academy, and there have been notable successes in aquathon and swimming in recent years.

The excellent facilities at the Academy include a multi – purpose sports field, which cater for football and rugby matches, a 400m athletics track; both the field and track are floodlit, a 6 lane 50m outdoor heated swimming pool, 15m training pool, a sports hall and numerous outside tennis and netball courts. Sporting participation is developed from Pre- Kindergarten through to Grade 12. It is important that we can always place an emphasis on enjoyment and the development of core skills in activities such as athletics, swimming, and football.

The Academy participates in a large number of fixtures and tournaments locally. We play competitive sporting fixtures such as; netball, football, basketball, volleyball and athletics within the Dubai Affiliated School Sport Association (DASSA). DASSA oversees the effective implementation of school sport and allows opportunities for all affiliated schools and their students to compete in high quality, age appropriate & safe sporting events. As well as the competitive interschool sports squads, there are also opportunities for students to develop their skills in specific clubs for non-squad members, recreational clubs and fitness sessions

In sport you lose more than you win; you make more errors than you succeed; and, you have the opportunity to challenge yourself every time you play, practice and compete to master a new skill. You learn about yourself and your own behaviour in sport and that helps us to succeed on whatever life path we may take.




Elite Athlete Programme

Elite Athlete Programme launched to provide exceptional opportunities in Sport

GWA Water Polo class
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