Welcome to GEMS World Academy – Dubai

At GEMS World Academy – Dubai, we provide an award-winning education. We have huge ambition and aspiration for every student, and our commitment to their success is combined with excellent pastoral support to make sure that students feel safe, secure and successful at all times.

Our students develop a passion for learning and a capacity for independent thinking. We have a strong record of academic success that is reflected in our outstanding IB results. True to the aims of our founder, Mr Sunny Varkey, we encourage intellectual curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit, and we foster a real sense of communal endeavour.

We are an inclusive, positive, stimulating, demanding and open-minded community. We enable our students to discover genuine interests that extend beyond the classroom, and to express themselves by encouraging a broad understanding of the world, a social conscience and a considered approach to other people. We strive to ensure that GEMS World Academy – Dubai students have an understanding of their place in society, both locally and globally, and that they seek to always make a positive impact upon it.

We experiment, we demand, we persevere. GEMS World Academy – Dubai is a place with high expectations, relentless ambition and real scholarship, where courtesy and manners matter. GEMS World Academy – Dubai is a place where hard work and a genuine commitment to achieve will create those avenues to success.


Dr Saima Rana
Chief Education Officer, GEMS Education and CEO/Principal, GEMS World Academy – Dubai

Our Academy 

In The Words of Our Chief Education Officer, GEMS Education and CEO/Principal, GEMS World Academy – Dubai

Meet Dr Saima Rana as she talks all things education, the IB, school culture, student life and what it is that makes GEMS World Academy such a special place for all our students.

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    Part 1: Career highlights, achievements and inspirations
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    Part 2: Education philosophy and school vision
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    Part 3: Why GEMS World Academy is so special – now and in the future
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    Part 5: The International Baccalaureate
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    Part 6: Technology and future of education
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