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The Drama programme for MYP and DP is an exciting and dynamic sequence of work which allows students to experience the subject both theoretically and experientially. From Grades 6-8 students can choose between  Drama and Dance  as an elective for a semester of study. During their experience of the Drama course they will cover the four MYP criteria: Knowing and Understanding, Developing Skills, Thinking Creatively and Responding. Topics covered include Puppetry Theatre Traditions, Storytelling and Theatre Genres.

In Grade 9 students study an art in depth as part of a two-year programme. In Grade 9, drama students study a timeline of theatre, looking at Greek, Elizabethan, Commedia and musical theatre. In Grade 10, students explore 20th century theatre focusing on influential theatre practitioners and theatre styles. This then leads into influential monologue writing and finally the Director’s Notebook, a taster for the DP Theatre course.

Students in Grade 10 have the opportunity to select Drama as a yearlong subject covering topics such as play building, Shakespeare and Realism.
DP students cover the prescribed works set by the IB over the two years studying a number of different practitioners and theatrical styles. Assessment tasks include Collaborative Project, Solo Performance, Research Presentation and Director’s Notebook.

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