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Online enrolment at GEMS World Academy - Dubai

Online registration is open for Academic Years 2024-2025. Apply now! 

GEMS World Academy - Dubai invites online applications across all grades, from Nursery to Grade 12. Please fill the registration form below.

Enrol your child in 5 easy steps:

STEP 1 - Complete the online form below. 
STEP 2 - Submit the required documents to our Admissions Team. 
STEP 3 - Your child or ward appears for an on-site assessment. 
STEP 4 - Our CEO/Principal reviews the application within 24 hours 
STEP 5 - The admission results are shared with you 

The entire enrolment process can be completed in just five easy steps:

STEP 1 - Online Application

STEP 2 - Documentation completion and submission to our Admissions Team

STEP 3 - Onsite Assessment

STEP 4 - Review by our CEO/Principal within 24 hours

STEP 5 - Admissions Verdict


Documents to be submitted once a student has been enroled

Student's Emirates ID card

 Previous school’s Transfer Certificate

 1 copy of student’s immunization record/card

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