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Sian Willgoss

A musical prodigy joins GEMS World Academy - Dubai

In September, 2019, Sian Willgoss joined Grade 5, at the GEMS World Academy - Dubai. The 10-year-old brings with her an extraordinary set of musical abilities, nurtured from a very young age. Sian had her first piano lesson on her 4th birthday, and her growth as a musician has been nothing short of impressive since then.

A precocious talent

Sian Willgoss was born on the 4th of June, 2009, in Sydney, Australia. Her musical journey began in 2013, as a student of the Suzuki method. This famed curriculum aims to develop musical ability at a tender age, when a child is capable of acquiring musical knowledge as effectively as learning their mother tongue.

A few months into the curriculum, Sian's piano teacher made the discovery that Sian had perfect pitch – the rare ability to identify, sing and play any musical note, without a reference or a guiding pitch. Sian took the stage for the first time soon after, performing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' to an encouraging audience at the Mosman Art Gallery, on Sydney's North Shore.

Sian's grandfather, who also happened to be an amateur violin maker, handed the 5-year-old her first violin. Since then Sian has enthusiastically pursued the Suzuki repertoire for both the piano and the violin, marking the beginning of her abilities as a multi-instrumentalist. Thanks to her inborn talent, constant practice and parental support, Sian performed on the piano at the prestigious Sydney Opera House, at age 6. One year later, she found herself at the same venue, this time with a violin in hand. She scored a high distinction in her Grade 1 Music Theory Exam, before moving to Dubai in August, 2018, shortly after her 9th birthday.

Staying the course in Dubai

Sian’s talents have already received due recognition in Dubai. She has become the youngest artist to have ever been invited to join the National Youth Orchestra and performed at the Dubai Opera, as a part of Young Talents of the UAE series. In 2019, she became the youngest person selected to receive a violin Master Class from Stephen Bryant, the leader of the visiting BBC Symphony Orchestra.

We looked for a school that was confident in delivering the IB and not tempted to fall back on traditional teaching methods. We had heard about GEMS World Academy - Dubai from several of Sian’s music teachers who told us of it’s strong music program and it’s state of the art music facilities. The combination of the full IB curriculum and the excellent music program made GEMS World Academy - Dubai an obvious choice for us. - Cerian Willgoss, Sian’s Mum

After joining GEMS World Academy - Dubai in September, Sian has continued to follow her musical aspirations, playing first violin in GEMS World Academy - Dubai MYP orchestra. Besides preparing for her Grade 6 violin exam and Grade 7 piano exam at the GEMS Music Hub at GEMS World Academy - Dubai , Sian is learning to play cello and has an avid interest in playing the ukulele and drums. Music aside, she has enrolled with the Model UN and the GEMS World Academy - Dubai Swim Squad.

GEMS World Academy is excited to be a part of Sian's journey, as she continues to scale remarkable heights. She hopes to be an astrophysicist one day, and spends her leisure time building with Lego bricks, playing with her friends and reading books.


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