Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is a non-competitive, internationally recognised programme designed to encourage young people to develop positive skills and lifestyle habits. GEMS World Academy - Dubai has offered the programme for a number of years with large cohorts of students gaining bronze or silver qualifications each year. 

The award helps young people build life-long belief in themselves, supporting them to take on their own challenges, follow their passions, and discover talents they never knew they had. Because when you prove to yourself that you’re ready for anything, nothing can hold you back.

In addition to engaging in physical recreation, developing individual skills, and participating in a variety of service-based activities, students attend weekly Enrichment Opportunities in which they receive specific training designed to prepare them for the multi-day hikes they will undertake. When planning their adventurous journeys students must go through the 12 step process to create their team, decide on aims, present their paperwork and complete a practice journey in preparation for their qualifier expedition. The expeditions, run with Ecoventure, stretch many of the students to their physical and emotional limits and test their ability to think clearly and work together in difficult and unaccustomed conditions.

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