Ms Awhina Houpapa

Assistant Principal Primary – Teaching and Learning

Awhina is an experienced educator and school leader who is dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning standards in the international education sector. She earned her Bachelor of Education in 2003, laying a strong foundation for her career. Awhina's passion for education has taken her on a journey across different continents, starting from New Zealand and the United Kingdom before settling at GEMS World Academy, Dubai in 2012. Throughout her career, Awhina has assumed various roles that have enriched her professional expertise. As a Grade 3 and 4 teacher, she ensured that her students received a high-quality education, filled with a broad and enriching IB experience. Additionally, Awhina demonstrated early leadership skills as a PYP Mathematics Coordinator and Grade Leader, effectively guiding and supporting her colleagues in their instructional practices. 

In her current position, Awhina is involved in implementing comprehensive school-wide initiatives aimed at school improvement. As a Professional Development Leader, she collaborates closely with consultants and school leaders, working together to improve the educational outcomes for all students. Awhina is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to school reviews, as she believes they provide an invaluable platform for growth and leadership development. Awhina's dedication to developing individuals and teams is evident in her commitment to continuing her studies as a school leader through various avenues. She recognizes the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest educational research and practices to ensure that she provides the best guidance and support to her colleagues and students. 

With her experience, passion for education, and ongoing professional development, Awhina strives to make a positive impact by empowering educators, fostering growth in schools, and ultimately shaping the educational landscape for the better.

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