Neeranuch Vootivakinskul

Class of 2016

I’m a graduate of the 2016 batch at GEMS World Academy - Dubai, and I'm currently finishing up my fourth and last year of Geological Engineering at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. After graduating in May 2020, I hope to find a geotechnical engineering job, either in Vancouver or back home in Bangkok, Thailand. As my undergraduate education comes to a close, I have a great appreciation for the role that GEMS World Academy - Dubai has played in my life, as a positive influence. The many great opportunities to get involved in clubs, music and sports helped me develop the skill of balancing school, extra-curricular activities and a social life (which is key to thriving at university). I can’t emphasise enough how much I value my DP teachers; they always had my best interest at heart and I sincerely thank them for shaping me into the learner that I am today.

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