Renata Bafaloukou

Class of 2018

My name is Renata Bafaloukou and I am originally from Greece. I graduated from the Academy in 2018. I am now completing my third year as an undergraduate Computer Science student in Queen Mary University of London and I am planning on graduating in the Spring of 2021. I moved to Dubai when I was 16 and completed my last two years of high school and the IB Diploma at the Academy. When I first joined, I was scared I wouldn’t be able to fit in since I assumed that groups had already been formed and that I’d be seen as an outsider. This definitely was not the case. 

Since day one all the students were very approachable and I managed to make friends that will last a life time! The Academy taught me how to study systematically and organize my time in a manner that enables me to calmly and effectively meet every deadline.


These are two things that I fell are crucial for the success of any university student. I also attained a tremendous amount of research and writing skills that have been key in my ability to cope with university work. I found that teachers at the Academy were so approachable and I never felt scared or hesitant asking them for guidance or help if I was unsure about course content, IAs or the IB Core. I want to give a special thank you to Mrs. Rania Hussein that kept a close eye on me and my progress. I am also grateful to all my DP teachers who ensured my success, and more importantly, encouraged me to be my best self!

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