Using VR in the Classroom to Spark Curiosity

At GEMS World Academy - Dubai, our students have access to the latest and most innovative technology to aid their learning.

Teachers across the Academy have used virtual reality (VR) technology and content to create immersive experiences for students to engage with the learning material covered in specific Units of Inquiry.

For example, Grade 2 students use VR headsets to explore well-known artworks up close and in superior detail. The ‘Starry Night’ experience allows children to interact with Van Gogh’s famous painting in a completely immersive 3D world. Instead of simply observing a flat 2D painting, students are able to walk through the streets of Saint Rémy – streets painted in Van Gogh’s characteristic impressionist style.


Another example of VR in action revolves around ancient civilisations, where students use VR headsets to explore ruins and recreations of age-old monuments and sites such as the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and Machu Picchu in Peru. Children invariably enjoy the experience of seeing what the world’s ancient structures looked like thousands of years ago compared to how they look today.

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