Arnav Kedia Grade 11

Meet Arnav Kedia, a serial entrepreneur who studies at GEMS World Academy – Dubai. One of his standout achievements to date was being crowned the winner of the UAE-based Global Entrepreneurship Challenge (GEC) for his cancer-detecting teddy bear, Buddy Bear. Driven by his perseverance and self-motivation, Arnav continues to develop new ideas and projects that will help him fulfill his ambition of serving others through the powerful tool of innovation.

“Arnav’s fantastic managerial skills, perseverance and determination have been the force that have powered him to such great achievements”
 - Florentina Niculae-Evans (GWA Product Design Teacher)

“GWA’s emphasis on opportunities for learning outside of the classroom has enabled Arnav to develop his interest in fields like entrepreneurship, innovation and debating.”
 - Pooja Kedia (Anav’s mother)

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