Ayat Adala

Class of 2020

My name is Ayat Adala, I am from Libya and I graduated from GEMS World Academy Dubai in 2020. I have studied at the Academy for 9 years and I am currently studying LLB Law at Queen Mary University of London. I always felt very comfortable in the Academy. My teachers were kind and patient and this allowed me to express any questions or queries that I had with complete certainty that I would be supported. The teachers and staff are the most supportive people I have met and they always want you to achieve your absolute best. I feel like the Academy has helped me a lot not just in my studies, but in building life skills such as the importance of time management, organization and mental health. The teachers are amazing, always helping and understanding no matter what the case. Ms. Murphy is a great example of this; she always made her office a safe space for me, and Ms. Rania was always there to listen and support me when I needed. I couldn’t have completed it without their help, and the support of all of my teachers.

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