Preparing Them For The Real World

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Impact

At the core of GEMS World Academy - Dubai, our mission is to develop inquiring, reflective and caring leaders who will graduate from our Academy with the knowledge, skill and character to take action and create a better and more peaceful world.

With today's ever-changing world, our role is to prepare our students for the world that awaits them. In tomorrows’ world, students are far more likely to have to create their own employment since 65% of the jobs students will engage in do not exist today. We can’t prepare them for jobs that don’t yet exist so we are here to prepare them to be agile and adaptable in the face of profound shifts.

Helen Al Uzazi

Director of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Impact

Meet The EIS Director

"All children are born entrepreneurs. We all have it in us to do things outside the box, as it’s about taking one idea and making it actionable. Given the right approach and right skills and opportunity, anyone can create. Everyone can be an entrepreneur. You can even be an entrepreneur inside a company if you innovate and do something differently – an intrapreneur."


TEDx Youth@GWADubai 05 May 2023 

Zahra Abdallah - Language of Food: Inspiring Connection in a Disconnected World of Food


Lana Al Mawass - Unleashing the Unpredictable Side of Technology

Arnav Kedia - What if we Made Sustainability a Game?


Mridula Dhruva - Telemedicine: A killer or A Savior?

Sofia Faghihy - Is Big Tech Taking Over Your World?

Daniel Aria - Rethinking Education for the Future

Sumedh Sabherwal - From Blackboards to AI


Introducing the EIS Programme

Embedding the three worlds of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Impact into the culture of the Academy as a way of life.


The EIS Programme in Figures

Our Chief Education Officer of GEMS Education and CEO/Principal of GEMS World Academy – Dubai, Dr Saima Rana, on

Technology and Future of Education

part 6

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KLAPiT: Created by GEMS World Academy - Dubai Students

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Learning Tools

Driving and scaling innovation in education is a challenging but worthwhile undertaking. GEMS World Academy - Dubai values enquiry based learning as a way for students to construct knowledge, understand it and apply it. Technology is at the heart, providing the right tools to constantly improve our enquiry based practices.

Student Entrepreneurship

In Action

As the Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneurship and Youth Start-ups within GEMS Education we are incorporating these areas into the every-day life of each and every student starting from KG1 – Grade 12.


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