The Entrepreneurship Club

The GEMS World Acdemy - Dubai Student Entrepreneurship Club (SEC) was established in Academic Year 2018/2019. Currently, we have over 120 of our students involved, most of which have participated actively in weekly market sales of goods which the students have procured themselves.

Our Grade 11 and 12 Directors lead teams in sales, marketing and design of products to be sold at our “Dragon’s Market”, every Thursday morning. The profit from these sales are reinvested, and the money collected at the end of the year will go to charity. So far, the club has grown and we have been able to establish 20 beds for organic herbs and vegetables, so the SEC now sells organic goods straight from the garden.

Secondary students in the SEC have also come up with initiatives to create opportunities to fundraise. One initiative which has seen great success was when one of our Grade 11 student's who decided to partner with a company that sells Diwali sweets. This student sold a total revenue of 120k AED to businesses, which created 30,000 AED commission for the SEC.

Our Elementary students involved have decided to create their own bath bombs and slime, which they are selling to our staff and parents.

We have 32 parents that are CEOs or business owners who offer mentoring to the club and also host specialty workshops. When required, these workshops assist with PYPX/Personal Project, financial advice and university preparation for our Grade 11 and 12 students.

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